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Print Finishing

There is a saying in the print trade a job is never done until it is finished... Print finishing is often the key to a succesful presentation of your ideas and we offer a wide range of effective options.

We crease, fold and bind. Professional guillotine work leads to a clean finish and creasing prevents paper cracking. Wiro binding allows a book to open flat which is useful for study or if you really want to follow that recipe. We also provide both Canadian binding and Half Canadian binding.

Making a booklet can be tidier than just stapling along one edge or in a corner. ... and of course nothing else has the authority of a book - either the perfect bound paperback or the case bound hardback.

There is a wide variety of sundries to improve your image from polypropylene covers and binding screws to corner pockets.

Do think carefully about your appearance - the immediate impact you choose to make with every copy creates a lasting impression.