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Colour copying

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Colour Copying

Mensa Printers Colour Copying Service

Colour Copying - and of course black and white copying is still very much part of the modern world and Mensa Printers has a capacity of over 70,000 A4 sheets per day... All in all that's a lot of colour copying which matters when you need things fast!

As well as colour copying, we can also offer a basic print from disc service for the same price which means you can e-mail your document to us so it can be printed and ready for you to collect so saving you time when you want fast colour copying - usualy at a better quality than straight colour copying.

Print from disc also usually means a much better quality for you with less effort and in less time for the same price as colour copying.

We can copy from multi page documents using one of our two DADF scanners and our digital assembly software lets us create single or double sided documents collated and ready for use.

For an indication of costs see our printing prices page.