A5 Digital Leaflet

Printed on 160gm Colotech+

Short runs or urgent situations - Turnround under 24 hours

Tun on prices - phone for price and time - tell us when you need them!

Single Sided

50                             £17.00

100                           £21.00

250                           £33.00

500                           £51.00

1,000                        £82.00

Double Sided

50                             £23.00

100                           £30.00

250                           £53.00

500                           £75.00

1,000                       £115.00

A5 Offset Leaflet

Printed on 150gm Silk+

Longer runs where price is important - Same price single or double sided

10 day turnround for these special prices

Single Sided

1,000                     £108.00

2,500                     £132.00

5,000                     £144.00

10,000                    £264.00

Single Sided

1,000                     £108.00

2,500                     £132.00

5,000                     £144.00

10,000                    £264.00

Please note that many fully printed leaflet jobs are zero rated for VAT, however if in doubt send us your file to confirm VAT rate.

To order

e-mail your file to copying@mensaprinters.co.uk (or use a sending site like www.mailbigfile.com if it's over 3Mb).

Let us know if you want to pick your printing up or would like us to deliver - tell us if you need a timed delivery.

We will confirm the price, materials, delivery date and send you a pdf proof.

Quotes are free.

If everything is acceptable we will send an e-bill so you can pay by credit or debit card.

For higher value jobs we suggest a digitally printed proof (through our presses on the paper we will use for your work) to make sure everything is as you want it to be.

If you require the work urgently and are prepared to proceed without a printed proof we cannot accept any responsibility for movement of colour or other errors.