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Wiro binding

Wire binding offers a lie-flat binding which is easy to study or follow whilst working.

Wire Binding

A lie-flat binding

Wire binding (sometimes called wiro binding) - and often confused with spiral binding - we offer standard, half canadian and full canadian options for printing and wire binding.

It offers a lie-flat binding for your printed books and documents and is ideal for training materials, study materials, recipe books, music books. It looks a little more grown-up than spiral binding and unlike spiral binding both left and right hand spreads run parallel (spiral binding has one page across a reader's spread a little higher than the other - often by 6mm which can make print which runs across a spread (photos and rules particulalry) look a bit odd.

We keep stock of all sizes of wires up to number 16 in black and white elements, all sizes of blue up to a number 10 and some silver. Red and green wires can be supplied to special order.

And yes, wire binding is the basis of a lot of calendar binding so do ask about that too!