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Versioning simply means creating more than one version of your printed material. That could be a leaflet, a business card or a brochure.

Versioning is a useful way of increasing the efffectiveness of your printing by printing alternative versions. You might do this for diffeent groups of people you want to communicate with (a vet might have some leaflets with pictures of cats, some with dogs and some with parrots for each type of pet owner)

Or you might want to try out different versions of your material before having a larger batch printed to see which creates the best response in people. Perhaps you might want to try a different background colour or a change of wording. The possibilities are endless.

If you use a coupon on your printing you can more easily find out which version gets the greatest response so you will know where to focus your efforts for maximum return.

Either way digital printing is often the answer as it allows you to produce smaller numbers of printed items without large set up costs - or you can mix and match different versions of your printing at a reasonable price.