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Print from word and publisher files

Print from Word and Publisher -

a few helpful hints

Printing from Word and Publisher

Publisher can produce great results but it helps to remember a few things when setting your file up.

Some people find it difficult to set up a document with proper bleed and tick marks. If you want to print all the way to the edge you can cheat by making your margins slightly bigger (increasing your safety zone) and telling us you want the printing to bleed all the way to the edge. See our how-to page about bleeds and tick marks. Remember to mention you want us to do this when you send your files.

Colours - why does it do that?

The default settings produce documents set up in RGB which can be fine for a home or small office printer but can lead to unexpected results when you move up to professional print. For instance html links appear as a nice bright blue on sceen but print out as purple. Some other colours can be notorious for changing too - greens and oranges for instance.

For some customers this is no a problem but we can fix some colour problems using special software. The cost of sorting files out varies according to difficulty.

If you prepare a lot of work for printing it can pay to buy professional software - please ask us if you want to understand more.

Merge mail work can be demanding for word and if you have larger amounts of this it can be worth asking us - our software and digital printing equipment is particularly capable in this area.

We can also sort your addresses into Mailsort order, insert the print into envelopes by machine and use our Royal Mail licence to save you money on postage. See our mailing page for more information.